The Tools You Need

Every person and every job search is different. We’ll teach you the core skills and provide the tools you need to implement an effective job search strategy.
Our approach isn’t one size fits all, it’s about tailoring your experience based on your interests and needs.

Personalized Advice

Ask questions and get answers from our experts.

Video Library

Content to guide you through the job search

Outreach Templates

Reach out to new contacts with one click

Screenshot Self Awareness

Relationship Manager

Makes it easy to build and maintain your network

To Do Tracker

We track your follow up items for you

Easy Interface

Just swipe left or right to complete most actions

Networking Made Easy

Unlock the potential of your professional network.

Amplified Results

Leverage your contacts

Dynamic Reminders

Never drop the ball

Easy to use interface

Swipe your way to success


Expand your network

Networking is by far the most effective way to get a job. Some studies show that as many as 70-85% of jobs are filled through networking. But how do you do it? Who do you contact? What do you say? That’s where Jobmigo comes in. We teach you how to network effectively, and provide tools to make the process seamless and easy. Let us be your guide.

Screenshot Contact List


Our aim is to make the entire job search process easier, from learning about your strengths and interests to building and activating your professional network.

Cultivated Content

Sometimes it feels like there is too much content out there - it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start. That's why our content is carefully selected, and practical - it's all about how to craft your job search.

Practical Advice

Get tips from our experts to guide you through each phase of the job search process. Our advice focuses on the practical elements of job seeking and is directly related to the tools that we offer to help you act on what you've learned.

Real World Examples

We've also asked a diverse group of professionals to share their stories. Everyone has different interests, backgrounds, and career paths - find stories that help you relate to your current search.

Watch a sample
Derek Wilkinson Kim R. Ford Angelo Pappas Johhny Utah
  • “I am thrilled to serve as an advisor to Jobmigo. I’ve known David Kirk for over 15 years – he is truly passionate about helping job seekers and is extremely effective in his approach, particularly with students and young professionals. Jobmigo brings this guidance to many and offers great tools.”

    Derek Wilkinson

    Partner, Head of International Development Practice, Odgers Berndtson
  • “Jobmigo is an absolutely amazing resource for job seekers of any background, education level, or industry. Many people feel they don’t know where to start with their search, or how to approach it – this app structures the process for them, making it much easier and helping people get better results. ”

    Kim R. Ford

    Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education
  • “Testing testing testing testing testing testing testing”

    Angelo Pappas

    Undercover FBI Agent, Beach Division
  • “Testing testimonial template format. Testing testing testing. ”

    Johhny Utah

    Former Quarterback, Ohio State University

Let's Get Started!

Jobmigo is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Download it today, and let's start your journey towards your next job.

Meet Our Team

We put job seekers first.

David Kirk

David Kirk


David oversees our business operations. He has over 15 years experience helping students and young professionals with career development.

Shubhanan Deshpande

Shubhanan Deshpande


Shubhanan is our Chief Technology Officer and strategist. He has over 15 years experience building innovative software and mobile apps.

Derek Wilkinson

Derek Wilkinson


Partner, Head of International Development Practice, Odgers Berndtson.

Kim R. Ford

Kim R. Ford


Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education, (Fmr) Dean Workforce Development, University of the District of Columbia.

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