Shubhanan Deshpande

Shubhanan's Bio

Shubhanan is a co-founder of Jobmigo.  He is our tech guru, strategist, and CTO.  He oversees Jobmigo’s technology operations, including strategy, innovation, design planning, and implementation.  He has over 15 years of experience in building and managing technology solutions for a wide variety of applications. His work has ranged from startup projects to massive solutions servicing over one million users.  He has delivered scalable B2B, B2C and white-label solutions, native Android, iPhone, and hybrid mobile applications, and a wide range of other software solutions in the startup, e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, education, and defense sectors. 

Prior to starting YourCTO, Shubhanan founded Beacon Tech Labs, which provided innovative technology solutions and strategic consulting to a wide range of corporate clients, primarily in the education and e-commerce spaces. 

Before starting Beacon, Shubhanan worked at the Ohio State University Medical Center, where he designed a reusable technology solution to help aid the work of cancer researchers. Before joining Ohio State, he worked as a part of the Yahoo! Search team, where he helped with monetized solutions facing over a million users.  He has also worked as part of the Stem Network initiative undertaken by BHEF (a group of Fortune 500 leaders) and Raytheon, Inc.   

Shubhanan is adept at global team management, strategic planning and roadmaps and overall technology architecture and delivery. He has built and managed technology teams for a diverse set of organizations, and has managed teams of 25+ members across functions and geographies. He has helped a variety of startups in their concept-to-product journey, and knows very well the challenges that early stage entrepreneurs are faced with. 

Shubhanan is a proud Buckeye; he did his dissertation on Knowledge-based Cyberinfrastructures and received his Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Computer Science at The Ohio State University (Columbus OH). Prior to that, he received his Bachelors in Computer Science from College of Engineering, Pune. Shubhanan enjoys brainstorming and exploring new possibilities to make people’s lives easier. He is passionate about helping people realize their career goals.